Bad Ice Cream 2

Bad Ice Cream 2 is much like Bad Ice Cream. Allow the game to fully load and then click on “Click to lick”, then click on “Play”, click on Space Bar and click On “Go”.Select unlocked “level 1” There 40 Levels to beat. You will move with Arrows and break ice blocks with Space Bar. The goal is to pick up fruits. If you lose the Level click “Restart”. Avoid being flattened by the approaching enemy. Let’s mention some of the levals. You should pick up two kinds of fruits to succeed on the first level. When “Level complete! “ pops up press Continue. On the second level the enemy can build the ice blocks.Two kinds of fruits are to be picked up. On the third Level enemy is able to crush ice blocks and three kinds of fruits are to be collected. On the fourth level avoid moving blocks and pick three kinds of fruits. Three kind of fruits start moving in this level. You should chase them.