Bad Ice Cream

Bad Ice Cream is online game created by game developer Nitrome. Here I will teach you how to play bad ice cream online game with best success possible. First allow the game to fully load. Then click on “Click To Lick” button. Then click on “Play”. Choose  “1 Player” if you want to play alone or “2 Players” if you want to play with friend. Then choose the desired flavor. Then select  “level  1”. First only this level will be available to play. Play instruction appear. You can move with arrows or WASD keys. Shoot and build ice blocks with Space or Enter key, second player if selected can shoot with F key. The main objective of a level completion is to pick up all fruits and avoid being flattened by the moving adversaries. Press “Continue”. The game is accompanied with a nice music. There are 40 levels to play. Let’s discuss some of them.

So the first level of the game is started. Two different fruits are to be collected in this game level. Avoid running on sludge. You will get stuck there and be stomped down by enemy. Every time, after level completion, when  ”Level complete!” window pops up, press “continue” button to start the next level of the game. If you lose the game you can press “Restart” button. The levels you completed remain unlocked.

On the second level there are also two kind of fruits but they are locked in ice blocks.

On the third level several enemies walk faster among the ice blocks and two kinds of fruits are presented.

On the fourth level there is one enemy that is already capable of crushing the ice blocks. Two kinds of fruits to pick up are presented there as well. You can extend the play time of the game by simply breaking ice blocks. This time will help you during playing advanced levels.

On fifth level you should build ice blocks to isolate the enemy and to pick up three kinds of fruits.

On the sixth level you should try to isolate the roller by building ice blocks on its way. Three kinds of fruits are to be picked.

On the seventh level the enemy crushes the ice blockes in bulk and chases you but you should pick only one fruit.Act fast and block the access routes to prevent the enemy from reaching you.

Eighth level is with two kinds of fruits to pick but the ice blocks that you shoot will melt in a second on red tetragons. Avoid enemy and block it the way you did in previous levels.

Ninth level is presented with enemy capable to fly over ice blocks but only if there is passage between them. Isolate the enemy and pick two kinds of fruits.